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pieces of glass.
i've watched the angels
in your heart burn
their halos and rip out
their wings;
shards of glass lodge
themselves in skin until
there's no hope of ever
pulling them out, until
they're a part of you;
the cold in the air
sink into me, until
sorrow is the only feeling
left in my bones;
people tear themselves apart,
and all that's left is
a pile of suffocating tears
and bloody fingernails
and broken hopes and dreams;
fairytale books erase their endings,
rewrite a tragedy
worthy of
artificial lights in human minds
flicker and dim out,
and nothing is left
to chase away the shadows
lingering in corners;
i've watched them push
you down, give you bloody kneecaps
and force the fight out of you,
force you to give up.
[but i've seen you wipe the tears
from your eyes. i've seen you
find your strength back. i've
seen you
stand back up.]
:iconamertie:Amertie 211 132
My Nightmare
My Nightmare
It is half past twelve
And I'm tossing in bed
I think I hear you
But that is all in my head
This is the third night this week
I toss and wake to my screams
In my nightmares you live
When once you were part of my dreams
I grip my pillows tight
And cry out so many tears
But if I close my eyes again
The blackness returns me to my fears
In my dreams
I can see the pain
As death took you from me
I relive that dreadful hour
Every night
And this is what I see
There I am
Holding you in my arms
And giving you a tender kiss
When from behind
A monster with a knife
Stole my love and bliss
He stabbed you deep in the back
With a knife as dark as his eyes
And falling to your knees
My heart broke
And life lost all her ties
I try to comfort you
In my arms
Tell you everything will be okay
But that monster laughs
And kicks me in the face
Before running away
I crawl to crouch over your body
Holding you tight to my chest
You try to speak
But the blood trickles
Down your mouth
:iconjphnx22:jphnx22 73 68
He licks her neck
Prepares her for his bite
She tips her head back
Giving him access
To her pale neck
He can feel her blood
Pumping inside
Daring him to take a bite
His lips cover her jugular
His mouth opens
His teeth scrape her skin
She waits.
Finally, he bites.
The crimson liquid
Enters his mouth
He's filled with warm blood
Blood that will make
Him stronger than all the rest
His hand strokes her neck
Putting her into a trance
So she can't escape
Though, why would she want to?
He pushes her hair
Away from her face
Puls his teeth from her neck
Runs his tongue across
To close the pinpricks
He looks at her face, her
Eyes glazed over
He leans down and kisses
Her lips, a trace of blood
Staying, enticing him.
He couldn't take any more
He would kill her.
He licks the rest of the blood
Off her neck, leaving
Her standing in the street
Wondering when he would
:iconnixxie89:nixxie89 112 145
You call me weak,
I might be,
You call me names,
I take them,
I stood up to you,
You pushed me down,
My body feels hot,
My knuckles turn white,
I close my eyes,
When I open them you lay on the floor,
You get up and swing at me,
I swing back harder than ever before,
As you fall I see tears of blood,
Istill feel rage,
I still feel hate,
Everyone stares as they pull me away,
Still swinging,
Covered in blood that is not mine,
You called me weak,
But my hate for you made me strong.
:icondarkshadows13:darkshadows13 477 85
EverBlaze: When Darkness Falls
Look into the mirror,
And tell me what you see
You see your reflection,
And you start to scream
It's the stuff of nightmares,
And your eyes...start to bleed!
Shuddering convulsions,
Speed up your heartbeat...
Spots start to dance...
In front of your eyes...
And right about then...
Is when you realize!
Nothing can save you!
When, darkness falls!
The night cuts right through you!
And you, can't breathe at all!
There's no way that you can fight...
When darkness falls...
There are shards of broken glass,
And cuts, deep in your skin
Every one's an opening,
To let the night in!
A hollow voice is screaming,
But you, are unaware
You are transfixed by your eyes,
And the darkness there...
A keening sound...
Fills your ears...
And on the counter...
Is a puddle of blood and tears!
Where are you going,
When, the darkness falls?
There is no way of knowing,
Just, what you will cause!
There is no way that you can fight...
When darkness falls!
Hold...onto the night!
It might be the last one,
:iconthesekrimzonflames:TheseKrimzonFlames 65 80
Such pallid grey eyes
He led me away that night
I was in a trance
with him in the moonlight
He spoke to me
with a voice of the ocean
His words held me
More than any motion
His face was framed
By the splendid full moon
I was entranced
It was over too soon
Be my friend
Be my only
Your wonderful world
I want you to show me
There's not a single soul
That I will tell
Just stay and be
My black angel
Take me away
Into the darkness
Believe me when I say
That I really want this
Take my last breath
Make it all end
I just want you
To be my friend
Be my love
Be my only
Your wonderful world
I want you to show me
There's not a single soul
That I will tell
Just let me be
Your black angel
:iconcidnie:Cidnie 22 15
Darkly Dreaming
Darkly Dreaming
Across the surface of your mind...
I can feel you...
I am sending a mental command
For you to come before me and stand
So that I can feast on you again
Oh, the sensations...
I can taste the sweetness of your dreams
And all the bitterness of your screams
You don't know who I am
Only I understand
I am a face in the shadows
That haunts you...
I, make believe
That I, am everything
You will ever need
I, send my love
I, send my lust
I, gain your trust
While you are darkly dreaming...
The pleasures of the night to come
Knowing that in your mental stupor,
You will exisit with me as one
The smoothness of your flesh
The quickness of your breath
The song of your blood, calls to me
Your reservations...
Fall before my will
I turned you into me so long ago
And I am turning still
I can hear your thoughts,
And I remember that you once fought
Against my desire that has bound you...
I, make believe
That I, am everything
You will ever need
I, s
:iconthesekrimzonflames:TheseKrimzonFlames 41 92
Sweet Dreams
In my dreams
I'm a different me
In a different world
And I feel free
My smiles
Are real
And I'm able
To feel
Something other
Than this pain
I feel safe
I feel sane
Break me
Sweet dreams
Take me
Somewhere real
Somewhere new
Sweet dreams take me
Away from you
In my dreams
I'm floating on air
But then quickly I drop
It becomes a nightmare
I can't turn back
I'm falling fast
I'm forever haunted
By my past
This madness inside me
Never ends
The demons have
Become my friends
Stop these voices in my head
Make them go away
I can't see anything but red
I lost myself today
Break me
Sweet dreams
Take me
Somewhere real,
Somewhere new
Sweet dreams take me
Away from you
When I finally feel strong
And I'm on my feet
When I finally belong
And I feel complete
I lose it all
I fall apart at the seams
Because nightmares come
From the sweetest dreams
Break me
Sweet dreams
Take me
Somewhere real,
Somewhere new
Sweet dreams take me
Away from you
:iconskinnylittleschizo:skinnylittleschizo 96 59
Sadistic Lullaby
Hush little baby, say not a word
There never was a mockingbird
Roses are red until they die
Oh, soon enough like you and I
Hush my child, 'twill be alright
That is, if you survive the night
Twinkle, Twinkle little star
Sky so black, the moon so far
Mary had a little lamb,
And the fleece was black as coal
When you fall asleep tonight,
Then the world will steal your soul
Hush my child, 'twill be alright
That is, if you survive the night
Rockaby babe, in the tree  tops
When the wind blows, life then stops
When the bough breaks the cradle will fall
And dead will be baby, smile and all
Hush my child, 'twill be alright
That is, if you survive the night
:iconindigomists:indigomists 483 160
Necromantic deeds
Necromantic deeds
In the empty cemetery, behind ancient crypts,
Shapes of men digging graves with madness in their eyes.
Ghouls driven by insanity and perverse lusts,
Obsessed by scent of rotting dead human flesh.
Ghoulish magic of evil,
A forbidden art,
Sick perverse minds,
Necromantic sorcery.
Smell of carrions galvanizing the souls of madmen,
With enthusiasm they raise the decayed coffer.
Tomb is opened and raided, rotting corpse stolen,
And finally they vanish into dense mist.
Sound of chanting can be heard in their dark lair,
Ritual of reanimation takes place on witching hour.
Symbol on the floor, circle of the blazing skulls,
Words are spoken and spellcraft comes true.
Raising the dead, the unholy rites,
Playing God, defying ancient laws.
Resurrecting dead flesh, twisting the miracle of life.
To control corpses, to control death itself,
To reveal secrets hidden from mortals,
To learn the way to immortality,
To imitate work of creation.
Mindless creature, empty eyes of l
:icontheheraldofsuffer:TheHeraldOfSuffer 3 7


Night Watch
So... Long time no see , folks. 
I've been doing well. Drawing a lot . Tattooing a lot. 
Actually , I'm spending all my time at shop . And when I'm at home , I don't use computer as much as I did two years ago.. 
Almost forgot about this community . Sorry about that.
Maybe a year ago or so, I wanted to post photos here everyday,  I tried to put a photo here.. from my phone. And couldn't find how.. Because these days everything is easier with phone. so. Instagram looks much more simple for these things. 
Anyways. I'm curious. Is there any people who wants to see my work here ? Should I post it here from time to time ? 

So lately I'm trying to reach my goal. I know that the road will be long and rough. But I do have a dream from my childhood. I started to draw more . Kinda a lot. So I'll be spamming all of you with my work :D . Please comment, say what you think. I need criticism. I'm trying to became a tattoo artist. But first of all I need to remember my drawing skills. And I need to became better. {:
Thank you all, for watching my work  !
Hope you have a nice day :heart:

With love, 
  • Listening to: my heart
  • Reading: stars
  • Watching: my dreams
  • Playing: with my mind
  • Eating: chocolate
  • Drinking: green tea with lemon


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Favourite genre of music: rock, chill , indie, alternative..
Favourite style of art: anime, surrealism, abstractionism
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: creative
Favourite cartoon character: Enma Ai, Re-l, Koyuki, Clare....
Personal Quote: I'm mad at myself. I'm mad for always being nice,always apologizing for things I didn't do.



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